After gaining an Honours degree in Anatomical Sciences at Manchester University (2000) I trained for three and a half years at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, studying both Chinese and Western medicine. I have been practising acupuncture ever since (2004). In that time have deepened my experience in a variety of situations.

I have worked in different settings - an alcohol and drug detox project, the Zion Centre in Hulme, Manchester as well as private practice in Manchester and Sale.

I helped to set up and run a low-cost service for people with anxiety and depression at Self Help Services (based at the Zion Centre), where I volunteered for three years. I was sorry to stop working from there but felt that it was time for me to make changes elsewhere so I could work on what I was passionate about - making acupuncture an affordable treatment option for more people.

As a result, I am proud to say that I am part of a collective  who have started Manchester Accessible Acupuncture. We have created a multi-bed clinic, which is a way of reducing treatment costs. This way of treating is normal in countries like China, and is becoming increasingly more popular in the US and here in the UK. It is a multi-bed clinic, which means that we have one large room divided by screens for privacy, where two acupuncturists work treating a few people at once: the acupuncturist will see a patient, find out what they need that day, insert the needles and then leave them in peace for the needles to do the work whilst the practitioner goes to see someone else.

For more information on clinics like this in the UK, visit the Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC)


A few letters received from people I have treated

Thank goodness for Gus! The treatment has helped my MS symptoms so much that I am full of hope for my future. Without being able to visit the Manchester Accessible Acupuncture clinic I wouldn't have been able to afford the fantastic care, thank you!                                            MU

'I sought Gus's help in February 2010 as my husband and I were trying for a baby and I was struggling with a non-existent menstrual cycle after stopping the contraceptive pill. After only a few sessions with Gus, my cycle started to return with some regularity. In addition to the physical benefits, I found our sessions very interesting and relaxing, and enjoyed talking to Gus, who is a great listener. I was absolutely over the moon to conceive our first child in May 2010, (despite there being no positive ovulation tests) and continued my sessions with Gus until the end of my first trimester. Our baby is due in February 2011. I would heartily recommend Gus to anyone considering acupuncture for any condition.' JM

... I just wanted to let you know how pleased and grateful I am for all of your help, both before and during my pregnancy - I hope you got the flowers! Without your skills we may not even have been lucky enough to have had our lovely boy. If you ever need any endorsements or recommendations, please don't hesitate to ask me (although I'm sure you'd never need such things!) I already miss coming to see you and am now one of the greatest acupuncture advocates....

... I thought I'd let you know how I'm geting on, my sleeping has improved so much after just those two treatments! I've also been inspired to take up yoga once a week and I'm finding that relaxing. Thank you again and if the sleeping becomes poor again, or if I need to see you for other reasons I will get in touch...

... Thank you for being such a wonderful listener and acupuncturist in the last few weeks. Your relaxed demeanor and objective views have helped me no end in my time of stress and worry...

Tel: 07905 507 224 

email: guscontact(at)

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